Week 3 – Missed a week already???

Yes, yes, I missed a week already! In my defense last weekend was full on action stations. In the real world I’m a web developer and I’ve been working on the new website for Baccus 6mm. The new site went live on Monday and as with all tech there were a few tweaks to be made. But I’m here now and all is well.

So, since the last post I’ve been working on the Warriors of Rohan. They are nearly finished now. Then I have to give the horses and the riders the same treatment. I’d have a photo for you but again, chaos. I promise one next week!

Having not met up with my regular opponent in quite some time Friday was a welcome treat. We’re not fast gamers, in fact 90% of the time isn’t spent gaming but instead talking about it. 5 hours after arriving we decided that a game just wasn’t going to happen but that we’d plan to the game for next week instead. At 8 hours we realised we hadn’t planned next week’s game and instead called it a night!

On the plus side, I think we have some ideas for the game in 2 weeks time and it’s something I’ve been wanting to crack out for quite some time. We both have some 1:1200 napoleonic ships sat waiting to be put together. We also have a set of rules in GW Historical’s Trafalgar, which having read through a few times look like they could produce a really good game.

As usual we’ve spent many hours debating base sizes, house rules (before even playing it once!) and game size (we’re both megalomaniacs so have to draw a line!). I’m waiting for some bases before putting anything together but planning to have a tester game with counters in 2 weeks time.

In other news my son has been putting more paint to models and his ever growing army of 10mm skeletons has gained another unit of archers. He’s 8 years old and new to the hobby and has started coming to shows with me but has huge enthusiasm. Sadly he’s quickly disillusioned if his paintwork isn’t how he hoped. Next week I’ll aim to showcase some of his models so you can tell him he’s doing great!

So, until next week, game on…

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