Last minute prep – Joy of Six 2015

It’s that time of year again. Sheffield beckons and I’m about to come running… well, get on a train, it’s a long run!

Peter Berry – The man with the plan

Peter Berry of Baccus 6mm is the man behind the event and over the past few years it has gone from strength to strength. 2 years ago I took the factory tour and made a weekend of it – you can find out about it in my Joy of Six 2013 Show Report. I was there last year too but far too busy to see much of it (I was helping behind the scenes) and was in one of my all too often lulls from blogging. This year you can expect a report from me within the week (that’s jinxed it!).

So what does this year have planned? Well I’m going for the weekend again so I’ll be making it to the Beer and Curry night which was fantastic 2 years ago. It also means I should be on site bright and early (ish) on Sunday. Chances are you’ll find me hovering around a Napoleonic game with Chris Grice (the rules author) as I’m the developer of the upcoming Polemos Rules App and we’re going to running the first live test to see how it holds up. As with any technological development it all went wrong at the last minute so what you see is certainly not the final version but more a test of principles. Now I’ve added my caveat what else is there (I’m not the centre attraction by a long stretch!).

The show starts at 10am and runs until 4pm. It actually does run until 4pm too, while most shows the last couple of hours are dead it’s almost difficult to get people to leave this one. This year the venue has changed and you’ll find it at Heartspace in Sheffield Hallam University which should have far better parking facilities and be a little cooler than the oven that was the Workstation.

Seminars will be running at 11am (Ask Peter and the Igor) and 2pm (Polemos Rules Discussion). Much as I might try to hide I wager Peter will have me on hand for at least the 2nd one. I have to say that last year they were very entertaining and well worth taking a peek.

As for actually buying things the following traders will be there:

There are even some handy-dandy travel instructions to help you arrive safely here.

For now though I have some packing and some last minute coding to do otherwise I daren’t show my face! I’ll be back with a show report and I’m planning to take lots of photos. I’ll be posting to instagram, facebook and twitter from the event so if you can’t make it then you get the next best thing! If you are there, feel free to come and say hello. You can’t miss me, I look like… oh… your average wargamer 🙂


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