Naval Wargaming

Of all the aspects of wargaming naval wargaming will always be one of my favourites. More than any other (except perhaps Aerial) this requires forethought and planning because in most rule systems you can’t simply turn around or stop dead. There is some crossover here with space-based games (which take a lot from the naval model) but this will focus purely on the water-based fun to be had.

My intention is to run anything WW1 or later using 1:3000 models and anything earlier using 1:1200. The exception to this would be small boat skirmish actions (such as Bulldogs Away) where a much larger scale would be used.

Currently I have ( or have access to) fleets for the following periods and nations (Fleets marked with a * are not mine, but are featured here with permission).

Napoleonic Naval (Rules – ‘Trafalgar’ by GW Historical)

British Fleet (1:1200)
*French Fleet (1:1200)

WW2 Naval (Rules – ‘Victory at Sea V1’ by Mongoose Publishing + house rules)

British Fleet (1:3000)
*Japanese Fleet (1:3000)


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