Preparing for Salute 2015

It’s nearly time for the big one, Salute! For the last 2 years I’ve made the trek down to “that London” and I’ll be there again this year. I may have left it a little late to place some show pre-orders with some people but we can only hope to squeeze in. So the big question is, who else is going and does anyone want to say hi to me while I’m there?

The first year I went to Salute I was unfortunate. I didn’t pre-book a ticket and had to queue. Now I know all the jokes about how the British love to queue and that it’s the national pastime but this was extreme queuing (or is that eXtreme?). I queued the entire length of the Excel Centre and then some and it took me over 45 minutes from the doors opening to actually passing onto hallowed ground. Seriously folks, pre-book! (Salute Survival Tip #1)

This year, much like last year, you’ll most likely find me hovering around the Baccus 6mm stall or at the very least returning there often. Not least because the excellent models Mr Berry churns out from his vast manufacturing facility are a great price (there isn’t a gun to my head either!) but because I’ll be answering questions about the upcoming and much anticipated Polomos Apps. Lots of new things will be on show or released at Salute so take the time to look at, try out, ask about anything and everything. (Salute Survival Tip #2)

Some other tips, in no apparent order and for no apparent reason, though it might help someone?

  • Get you pre-orders in now, if not weeks ago. Lots of traders produce to order and need time to cast up both regular stock and pre-orders. Also some traders have to choose what they take to shows as they can’t take everything (I know Fighting 15s are only taking figures if pre-ordered). Tell traders what you want in advance!
  • Know your route. Not around the show, although you could plan that in advance thanks to this handy map but I mean how to get there. Personally I’m taking the train and then the underground, but make sure you know where you’re going!
  • Take a camera! I’m guilty of this, well actually not, I’m guilty of never taking my camera out of the bag because I’m too busy. This year, for the blog, I’ll be taking as many photos as possible for the show report afterwards (at least that’s the plan).
  • Sneaky Pro Tip! Take a cardboard box, tape, and some stamps. Buy loads of models then post them to yourself with a letter inside from “some random friend”. That way when SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) sees the package turn up you didn’t buy them, they are a gift! (Note: I’ll never get away with this now as SWMBO reads this blog… the sacrifices I make eh?)

So, if you’re a punter are you going? If you’re a trader, do you have anything special you’re releasing? If you’re the South London Warlords is the red carpet ready for me?

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