Overwhelming “FanBoy” moment…

Despite the relative lack of content on this blog (something I’m fast trying to rectify!) I have begun setting up all the suitable social media accounts in order to promote it. You’ll now find me on twitter, facebook, instagram, google+ and… youtube (no videos yet but soon). So now whenever I see something that isn’t quite postworthy I can ping it out there for people to see. I highly recommend following me on these for regular updates, someone already has…

— WARNING: Upcoming FanBoy moment —


Yes, John Bear Freaking Ross! If you don’t know who that is then you owe it to yourself to go to his website and then check out the amazing models he has designed. His CAV designs were a major inspiration to me when I was starting out with 3D designing models and I hope to follow his example for my upcoming range of 3D designed models.

John, if you’re reading this… (and my posts automatically go out on twitter so you should!) you made my day!

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