I’m still still alive!

First, an apology.

So… a little over 2 months ago I told you I was still alive. You might have been fooled into thinking that this would have led to a series of follow up posts, maybe some show reports and photos of my latest and ~ahem~ greatest. However, I’ve been totally absent. Now partly this has been due to work, which seems to have picked up lately (I’m self employed) and partly because I’ve been doing a LOT more painting. So, lets risk is again… I am still….. still alive!

~looks around cautiously~

Okay, nothing terrible has happened (for now ~gulp~). So, this week Dr Mike he pointed out just how long it is since I had last posted and I can’t stand by and take that sort of gentle ribbing! I plan to try to make a post a week at least, with photos of what I’ve done. That’s the plan and you can expect at least 3 more posts coming up in rapid succession since I don’t like lumping too much into one post (I really must learn this tagging thing too…).

Anyway, I’ll go work on some show reports now since I’ve been to 2 over the past couple of months, then a workbench update with some rather cool news!


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