Identifying 1/3000th WW2 Naval British…

Long time since I updated but I promise there’s more coming! Here’s a sneak preview prior to basing, I’ve been a busy bunny!

in-progress-20030412The keen eyed might spot the 6mm modern British vehicles and the Aeronef… no points for that, BUT if you saw the rogue light cavalry man amongst the heavy cavalry you can have a cookie! Seems my pack from Rapier had a stray, or rather a heavy infantry man gone soft!!! I’ll mention it to them next weekend when I’m…

AT SALUTE (slightly excited, can you tell?)


But anyway, back on topic. WW2 Naval in 1/3000th. A while back I managed to acquire a fleet from a friend, but while the ships are name-tagged, the tags are only a best guess because he, you guessed it, got them from someone else… My problem is, I want to expand and fill in some of the gaps in the fleet using actual ships (avoiding the never finished ones for now) and don’t want to order duplicates, or order more of the same type to find they don’t match…

So, I’m hoping some kind soul out there will be able to tell me the manufacturer (I’m fairly confident they are Navwar) and the code for the following (to start with, there’s lots more).

Candidate 1 – 39mm long



Candidate 2 – 30mm long


Candidate 3 – 30mm long (variant of candidate 2)




Answers on a postcard, or in the comment section below maybe?



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