And so it begins…

After much umm-ing and ahh-ing, I decided to put together a blog for my meagre wargaming efforts.

If nothing else it should give me some incentive to turn the ever increasing lead pile into something worth taking a picture of and putting up here. Sadly on the note of putting pictures up, it seems the last person to borrow my camera (naming no names… glares at wife) ran the battery down and didn’t charge it otherwise you would be looking at row upon row of Rapier Miniatures excellent Seleucid pikemen temporarily glued to coffee stirrers (£2 for 1000, bargain! That’s coffee stirrers, not Seleucids).

As it is, I’ll probably follow up this post over the coming days/weeks with a separate post for all of the periods/scales I have (if you’re like me, it gets worrying when you start counting!) and what I have for each, in what state (varnished, painted, part painted, undercoated, based or just plain “in a bag somewhere!”). As a rough idea here’s a list of things you can expect from me-

  • “Fleet Scale” (for want of a better term?)
    • Vree (ACTA:B5)
    • Psi Corps (ACTA:B5)
    • Hazat (ACTA:NA)
    • Al-Malik (ACTA:NA)
    • NSL
    • 2 Space Dreadnought 3000 fleets
  • 1:3000
    • WW2 British (+Commonwealth) Naval (VAS)
  • 1:1200
    • Napoleonic British Naval (TF)
  • 6mm
    • Seleucids (WMA)
    • Parthians (WMA)
    • Napoleonic British (GbD)
    • Modern British (GHQ/Command Decision/WRG – basically, undecided!)
  • 10mm
    • Samurai (WHA)
    • WW2 British – Late Italy (FoW)
    • WW2 Russians 1944-45 (FoW)
    • High Elves (WM)
    • Orcs (WM)
  • 20mm
    • WW2 Germans (BA)
    • Modern British (BE:MC)
  • 28mm
    • Necrons (NL)
    • High Elves (NQ)
    • Dwarves (NQ)
    • Welsh Pirates (LotHS)
    • Cawdor (Necromunda)

Some of those will be disappearing from the list above (mostly the 28mm stuff) and there are several plans for the future of other periods/scales I want to dabble in (aeronef, 6mm sci-fi, 15mm sci-fi, modern naval, boer/zulu wars, cold war to name a few).

Okay, just listing all of that has made me quite shameful… I had better go get the glue out!

One last note though! I’ll be at a gaming weekend (Aeronef @ Stoke Rochford) starting Friday so I’ll try to get some pics there and no doubt there will be pics of the shiny things I pick up while I’m there (Brigade Models, your ears must be burning!).

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