6mm Seleucids update

It’s been a while since my last blog post so it’s time I did something, don’t you think?

So, first army focus is on the 6mm Seleucid army for Warmaster Ancients. This started with a 500pt army pack from Rapier Miniatures which are brilliant figures. They really are anatomically well proportioned, well posed and, with a little practice, good for picking out detail. Few downsides to consider though, the pikes are a little on the chunky side (but then they are cast pikes at 6mm) and I also found the base depth to be quite an issue, trimming them down has led to a few casualties. The final issue is something of a pro/con dilemma. The 500pt army pack doesn’t come with a general. In one respect this means that the pack isn’t really an army, since you NEED a general in any army, but in another, it means you can buy the pack several times without ending up with unused commanders. I solved this by picking up the Baccus pack of Hellenistic generals which fit in just fine.

So what do I have? (note each unit is 3 stands)

  • General/Commanders – unpainted
  • Phalanx unit 1 – painted
  • Phalanx unit 2 – unpainted
  • Phalanx unit 3 – unpainted
  • Slinger Skirmishers unit 1 – painted
  • Javelin Skirmisher unit 1 – painted
  • Javelin Skirmisher unit 2 – unpainted
  • Archer unit 1 – unpainted
  • Heavy Cavalry unit 1 – unpainted

So at the 17th today it looks like I probably won’t get it all finished and painted this month, at current rate. The main problem is the phalanx, 18 models to a base is a lot of work for 1 base and gluing them down isn’t easy either (gluing sand down after every rank so get the base covered, skirmishers I can paint glue in between them). Since this is my main focus right now I’ll aim to get the army finished (all the current figures, it’ll NEVER be really finished! What do you take me for?) and turn those red words green. Lead mountain, prepare yourself!

I’ve also been playing with my photography setup, sick of over-flashed or grainy crystalline pictures (too much or too little light) I setup a cardboard booth covered in tinfoil (matt side, not the shiny side) and a couple of extra lamps with daylight bulbs. Add to this a printed A4 sheet with a white-to-blue gradient and it’s starting to work rather well. See what you think…

Seleucid Slingers
Seleucid Slingers






Seleucid Javelins
Seleucid Javelins



Seleucid PhalanxSeleucid Phalanx



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