2015 Week 4: When two tribes go to war…

“involves no painting and no gaming… but an awful lot of scheming!”

This is what I promised and so it begins… On Friday as usual I met up with MRO (My Regular Opponent) and within minutes we both concluded that despite best intentions it had indeed been a very long week and dragging ourselves to the gaming table would be too much to ask. This left us with some spare time which we are more than capable of filling with coffee and opinions. Directing the conversation towards the more productive I raised the question “So, what games do you really want to get in this year?” and several hours later we had something closely resembling an answer!

So, the question is “When DO two tribes go to war?”. What periods are we interested in playing, without the obvious answer of “All of them”! We split it down into categories of Land, Sea, Air and Space. Then split those into periods in history/fictional settings and then further into rulesets and scales. None of these are hard fixed, we may do something in 10mm rather than 15mm, or 20mm rather than 28mm, or even use a different set of rules altogether.

The list got longer and longer and longer. We took the decision to further divide it into those games we’re close to being able to play this year and those games we’re just interested in (or only one of us is really interested in). Working on the theory we’re going to meet every Friday, but we’d miss some weeks through illness, kids and the odd zombie apocalypse we whittled the list down to about 30… 30 different combinations of setting, period, ruleset and scale… for this year… I did mention that we’re megalomaniacs didn’t I?

Anyway, I’m sure you’re interested, and if you’re not then why have you read this far?, so here’s the list:

Land Sea Air Space
  • Ancients
    • Warmaster Ancients – 6mm
  • Dark Ages
    • Saga – 28mm
    • Age of Blood – 28mm
  • Age of Piracy
    • Legends of the High Seas – 28mm
  • Napoleonics
    • General de Brigade – 6mm
    • LotR variant – 28mm
  • WW1
    • The Great War – 15mm
  • WW2
    • Bolt Action – 20mm
    • Battlegroup – 15mm
    • Flames of War – 10mm
  • Moderns
    • Cold War Commander – 3mm
    • WRG – 3mm
    • Battlefield Evolution – 20mm
  • Lord of the Rings
    • LotR:SBG – 28mm
  • Judge Dredd
    • Judge Dredd: MG – 28mm
  • Warhammer
    • Mordheim – 28mm
    • Necromunda – 28mm
    • Blood Bowl – 28mm
    • Warmaster – 10mm
  • 7TV
    • Zombie game – 28mm
  • Battletech
    • Battletech – 1:300
  • Napoleonic
    • Trafalgar – 1:1200
  • Victorian
    • Aeronef – 1:1200
    • Sky Galleons of Mars – 1:300
  • WW2
    • Victory at Sea variant – 1:3000
  • Moderns
    • Shipwreck – 1:3000
  • WW1
    • Duel of Aces – 1:600
  • WW2
    • Scramble for Britain – 1:600
    • A Mighty Fortress – 1:600
  • Arab/Israeli War
    • Desert Spitfires – 1:600
  • Korea
    • Mig Alley – 1:600
  • Vietnam
    • Thud Ridge – 1:600
  • Falklands
    • Flames Above the Falklands – 1:600
  • Moderns
    • Airwar C21 – 1:600
  • B5: Call to Arms – Fleet Action Scale
  • Silent Death – Fighter/Patrol Ships
  • Full Thrust – Fleet Scale

And that doesn’t include the games that we have sat in boxes waiting to be thought and talked through!

So, we culled the list right back to what we really want to play in the next few months, focus on those, get them as organised as possible. So, the main focus over the next few months is going to be:

  • Trafalgar
  • Bolt Action
  • Scramble for Britain
  • Victory at Sea variant
  • Lord of the Rings:SBG

We’ll both be continuing work on our side projects, like my Seleucids, and we agreed that as long terms plans which really must happen this year we have:

  • Cold War Commander
  • Shipwreck
  • Silent Death

So you can see, we have far too many fingers in far too many pies (explains why neither of us are skinny…) but that this year we’re really trying to focus on some core games and push the diversions to one side. Of course next week I’m sure something new and shiny will come along, like Star Wars: Armada… oh hell!

So, is anyone else making plans for the year ahead? Someone please tell us you have more projects on the go that us!!!

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